International Coalition of Prophetic Leaders | Membership
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Joining ICPL is by invitation only


Fees do not include the registration for the Annual Meeting in or the School of the Prophets.


Fees for ICPL Membership:


Canadian or US Members fee: $350.00

International Members fee: $300.00

Married Members combined fee: $450.00

First Nations fee: $300.00

Existing EWWM Network Members fee: $300.000

Fees may be paid in two installments by check or credit card.

Fees may be paid through this website, by mailing us a check, or by calling to set up automatic renewal.

*Membership Fees are for first time registrants. Membership renewals fees for subsequent years are discounted by $50 at the respective level of membership.

* Fees do not include the registration fee for the Annual Meeting or the School of the Prophets.


Annual Renewal:


A letter for renewal fees will be sent two months prior to the annual expiration date. If the renewal is not paid by the end the fourth month into the renewal year, membership will be deactivated, including access to the member’s section of the website. There is a $50.00 reactivation fee.


If you are interested in joining the International Coalition of Prophetic Leaders,

please fill out our Application Form and submit when completed.

If you are renewing your membership, click on Renewal Form below.