International Coalition of Prophetic Leaders | Corporate Words
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Prophetic Protocol for Corporate Words

We are responsible to be that generation that brings the prophetic voice back into the Church. If it’s ever going to happen, it is going to require integrity, character and submission to authority so that all things can be done decently and in order. Below is a description of our prophetic protocol for Eagle Worldwide Ministries and generally how we have the gift operate “decently and in order” in our congregations.


In order to encourage the prophetic flow within the corporate gatherings you may consider having a microphone which faces the people. This would indicate to the congregation that we want to hear the Word of the Lord as spoken through God’s people.


When delivering a corporate word here are a few helpful guidelines to keep in mind. Write down your word clearly and present it to the leader of the service. If released to give the word then approach the front and wait for the worship leader to acknowledge you, as they discern for the proper timing within worship. (As worship leaders we try to have the word given promptly so as to keep in the flow of the Spirit, however at times for the sake of flow and tempo you may choose to hold off for a few moments before releasing the person). At the end of delivering the word, you would then head back to your seat as the service carries on.


If the leader chooses not to release your word, then humble your heart before the Lord and submit it to Him. It could be a test for you, it could be that it’s not the right timing. He continually tests us because a test is potential for promotion, He is always more interested in our character. Pray the word in and always submit to the leadership and the Lord. Being aware next time of timing during service. Perhaps the word is for you personally to pray in rather than a corporate word. (During the service we generally only entertain corporate words and not individual words unless otherwise directed by the leader of the service).


When delivering a word we should seek to bring attention to the word and not to ourselves. We deliver the word clearly so that everyone can understand, and try to be aware of the tempo of the Spirit and the timing of the service. For example, if you have an upbeat word of encouragement or exhortation, you would probably want to bring it during the praise portion. If it is a consoling word or a word that is emotionally deep, having to do with the heart and the love of the Lord, you would probably want to bring it during worship, as the heart of the people are more open to hearing it at that point. Always keep in tune with the heart of the Lord and keep in mind that you are delivering His words to His beloved people.


At times there may be a strong internal anointing that may cause you to want to manifest, but the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet and you will want to do your best to deliver the word, clearly, precisely, and with as much attention to the word as possible.


Prophetic acts should be treated in the same way that prophetic words are. First get approval by the leader of the service, and released as a Corporate Act.