International Coalition of Prophetic Leaders | Application Form
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ICOPs is a company of Prophets, Prophetic Intercessors and Emerging Prophets with the main focus of proper biblical education, training, practical experience and with a generational focus on legacy. Our heart is to equip and empower the next generation with a vision for the future.


ICOPs Official Statement on the Definition of a Prophet is as follows:


The Office gift of the Prophet is also under the foundational ministries for building, directing, and developing churches and leaders.  This individual, many times would have an extraordinarily powerful gift of Prophecy and people would sense a divinely anointed utterance and confirmation to the prophetic words that are spoken.  They are gifted to receive and communicate the word, message and direction of the Lord to the body.  Many times will be called upon to raise up other prophetic voices and will teach and preach with great revelation knowledge and insight from the Word of God.


*For more information on the Office of the Prophet please click here.


Membership into ICOPs is by invitation only. You will need to provide the name contact information of the person who invited you and you are accountable to.  After completing the appropriate application for membership, an ICOPs official will review the the application and then contact you.


Membership in ICOPs is for the individual, not as a married couple. If both a husband and wife are recognized as prophetic leaders, consideration, and possible invitation, will be processed on each individual with a separate application and reduced fee as a married couple. Spouses are encouraged to attend ICOPs functions together.


If you are interested ICOPs membership, please fill out the Application Form below.  You will be asked to provide the name of the ICOPs Member who invited you.


Disclaimer: International Coalition of Prophets (ICOPs) is a private membership non-profit corporation designed to serve its prophetic members and provide general information for potential members.
Part 1: Personal Information
Part 2: Ministry Information
Part 3: Prophetic Ministry
Part 4: Credentialing Information:

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