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About Us


Presiding Prophet

Dr. Russ Moyer is an apostle and prophet to the nations, traveling extensively throughout North America, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. He is the founder and president of Eagle Worldwide Ministries: an apostolic resource Centre in Ontario, Canada, the Eagle Worldwide Retreat and Revival Centre, Spirit Ministries Training Centre and the Eagle Worldwide Network of Ministries. He has authored five books and facilitates The Elisha Project, an online mentoring program.


With an extensive business background of over twenty years, Dr. Russ answered the call to pulpit ministry in 1997. After graduating from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, he was ordained by Ruth Ward Heflin at Calvary Pentecostal Campground in Ashland, Virginia. Dr. Russ is a sought after conference speaker, specializing in leadership mentoring, the prophetic realm, market place ministry, deliverance and healing. He has a heart to see revival in Canada and the nations.


Gale and Shelly Sheehan serve as the Directors of Christian International Apostolic Network, a network of over 3,000 ministers under the vision of founder Bishop Bill Hamon.


Gale & Shelly Sheehan are the founders of Destiny Now Ministries and function as an Apostolic Prophetic team in the Body of Christ. They also serve on apostolic oversight leadership teams for networks, bible colleges, local churches, and minister in governmental and business arenas.
Gale & Shelly have appeared on the “700 Club” and TBN broadcasts and minister at national and international conferences. Gale & Shelly travel both nationally and internationally to impact lives for the Lord and have ministered to thousands seeing the Lord touch, heal, and equip people to fulfill their destiny in the Lord.


Gale is the author of “Miracles Now !!!” a teaching and equipping book on healing miracles. They have seen the Lord perform thousands of healing miracles over the last few years in their ministry. It is also in their heart to activate saints to be miracle workers today. Gale is also the author of “Financial Miracles Now !!!”- A Key to Apostolic Prophetic Wealth, which focuses on how to position yourself for financial miracles in these end days based on the the principal of Deuteronomy 8:18, God gives “Power to make Wealth”. Gale and Shelly equip people to be positioned for financial miracles in their own lives for kingdom purposes.


Releasing the power of the gospel with the simplicity of focusing on Jesus as the author and finisher of our faith is their heart for the world today. Gale and Shelly believe that “knowing” Jesus in new ways is the key to every victory in our lives, success in our businesses and success in our ministries.

International Directors


The International Coalition of Prophets is an alliance of Five-fold ministers operating in the office gift of the Prophet from Ephesians 4:11-12, that have chosen to walk in covenant relationship with one another and in alignment with the Apostolic movement.


Our primary and overlapping interest is the restoration of the office gift of the Prophet and the gift of prophecy back into the church with character, integrity and proper biblical protocol. We are in alignment with the Apostolic movement and with the other Five-fold office giftings: the Teacher, Pastor and Evangelist.


We believe in proper order, protocol, alignment and accountability in the Body, and in accordance with this, our movement is:

Prophetically Influenced and Apostolically Led.


We are a company of Prophets, Prophetic Intercessors and Emerging Prophets. Our focus will include proper biblical education, training, practical experience, with a generational focus on legacy. As well as being a prophetic voice to this generation, we consider it essential to equip and empower the next generation with a vision for the future and to work together for the establishment of legacy.


Being in alignment with John Kelly and the ICAL we have adopted their 4 R vision: Restoration of the Church, Reconciliation, Revival, Reformation.

4-R Vision Banner

Please click on the image above to Read More about the the 4-R Vision

Proper Policy and Protocol. Know the Guidelines.



Find out why YOU need to be part of ICOPs

Five Reasons and benefits to join (ICOPs) International Coalition of Prophets:


1. Walk and work in unity with other prophetic voices and Five-fold ministers.


2. To walk in apostolic alignment being Prophetically Influenced and Apostolically Led.


3. To broaden your potential ministry opportunities through networking and relationship with Apostles, Prophets, and Pastors, all across the world.


4. Take advantage of prophetic training and resources. To empower you in your prophetic gift and calling.


5. The option of being commissioned by us. You will receive a member and a membership certificate.

Developing a model of unity when we walk together!!!


International Coalition of prophets (ICOPs) is a private membership non-profit corporation designed to serve its prophetic members and provide general information for potential members. ICOPs assumes no responsibility, liability or guarantee of accuracy or the ‘final word’ on any information, teachings, or opinions expressed in any format including the official website, conferences and seminars, publications or otherwise. It is not to be considered the ‘perfect’ or ‘total’ word or revelation on the subject of the prophetic or prophetic movement. ICOPs encourages individuals to seek other sources of information and not rely on ICOPs as a complete source of prophetic information.